Thursday, 28 March 2013

WIP: Chaos Heldrake

The smell of promethium and dark insense assailed Drogar's nostrils. From what he could hear from the babbled words of Sorcerers, he was to 'ascend'. More like be imprisoned he thought. It was more of a trap for the ex-Raven Guard than a throne. He tried to resist his metal prison,  but his armour had been welded to the cockpit of the chaotic machine, both with welding torches and delicate shots with a meltagun, the latter had make the flesh of his hands run like oil across his now immobile lap. He had been unconcious whilst he was interred, but the searing heat of the meltagun has brought him to an agonising conciousness. The room was dimly lit, and whisps of green smoke lazily moved in the air. 

His metal coffin was shaped like a vile dragon or drake from an age long-gone. Its eyes were dead sockets, and from its mouth jutted a heavy multi-barrelled cannon. Drogar realised this was some sort of attack-craft. Then the lights flared...

As well as the Fellblade I showed last time I posted, I've also returned to working on my Heldrake. I've been putting this beast off, purely due to the obscene amount of gold trim I'll have to do. If you recall the tutorial on my gold technique, you will realise how many layers there were to achieve the right effect...

But since it served me well in a recent game (shooting down an Avenger attack craft which was harassing my Storm Eagle), I thought I'd treat it to a paint job. I've decided to tackle the gold in stages. First off, it prevents boredom from using the same colour so much. It also prevents insanity...

A start on the fleshy areas has also been made. For those interested, the final outcome should be similar to that achieved on my Forgefiend (which, sadly, failed to do much in the same battle).

Another important thing I've done is magnetise the wings. I haven't had a single game where I've needed to travel and it hasn't broke a wing. So I thought I'd redesign them so the wings would and could break off. It also aids in transportation. One wing did break in the wrong place whilst being removed, but I simply decided to magnetise at the point of breakage, as it was in a strong and still-suitable area for the rare-earth magnets (Side note; prying apart super-glued rare-earth magnets is my interpretation of Hell...).

That's all for today, but check out the Facebook page for more maniacal exploits and other projects.

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