Saturday, 16 March 2013

WIP: Tzeentch Raptors (#6-10) and Mutilator

The big-trakk rocked as two shots hit the track units, wheels and springs flying from the hull as the taught suspension units melted and broke from the tank. GitzBlasta opened the hatch, shoota in hand. He looked left and right, seeing a pair of oomie jump troops blasting at his tank with melta weapons. He fired his shoota on full auto (not that there is any other setting) in an arc around the big-trakk, but the assault troops simply launched off, the shots landing where the marines were. 

"Damnit! Right boyz, ger' out", he barked, making his way to the ramp exit at the back. He only took four steps before another marine landed, sending a cloud of dust and shaking the ground, unbalancing the weaker orks and gretchin unable to hold on. This 'oomie' wore blue armour, and had an enormous jump-pack attacked to his back. Orky in principle, but not design, it was studded in fist-sized gemstones and brass plates. The marine had a head of long red hair, and hardly looked older than a man in his twenties  despite probably being centuries old. An eight pointed star was emblazoned on his shoulder; a Chaos marine. 

Gitzblasta couldn't car less if he was good or bad, he would be krushed. He ran towards the marine, only for it too to jump off. Gitzblasta spat the dust from his face. But whilst he was fixed on the champion, he didn't notice that the meltagun troopers had returned, and with friends...

Having had the models and parts for a few months, it was about time I got to work on the other five members of my Raptor squad.

The first five were completed some time ago, and this group of five new ones will bolster that unit, bring it up to a fully-upgraded ten man unit, with three meltaguns, an icon bearer and a champion.This batch is made up of three regular grunts, a meltagunner and the icon bearer. Most are missing a sword arm, as I want to get some Khopesh style weapons ( I think Kromlech makes some like that...).

Some of these models also use some cool new shoulder pads, made by Kromlech. They're more Egyptian than thousand Son, but they fit very well with my theme.

As well as these guys, I've started painting one of the mutilators. I was torn between daemon skin and a human-like skin. in the end, a human skin would contrast too much, and I settled on a skin-tone similar to an old Daemon Prince I worked on last year.

To finish today's post, here's a teaser of a new project. More teasers will appear on Facebook. Only one more like until the next teaser is released, and at 400 likes, you will be able to see the whole model in all its WIP epicness.

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