Thursday, 18 April 2013

Analysis: 40k Psychic Powers (Biomancy)

Biomancy: the name suggests messing with God's handiwork, and quite a lot of the powers in this section do involve fiddling with the statistics of yours (and enemy) soldiers, in order to get an edge in your favour. Whilst many powers from this discipline are not direct attacks in the way that most Pyromancy powers are, the effects they cause can help in dealing or receiving damage later on in the game. Still, there are a few shooty ones I will discuss too.


This is Biomancy's Primaris power, and is quite different to a power of a similar name (I think) in one of the Codexes. With AP2 and four shots, it is a very nice power to use if facing terminators, even if it is only as strong as a bolter. Chances are some will make it through to hurt the heavily armoured. It does require you to be close, as it only has a 12" range. Best kept for Psykers who can handle themselves in combat, or have some combat capable goons with them.

Iron arm

Finally, my Primaris Psyker can at least handle the first round...
A handy buff power which hulks-out out  the psyker with D3 extra strength, toughness and eternal warrior. This is very handy for weaker models, and exceptionally good on stronger ones too. As it cannot be stopped by a Deny The Witch roll, it can help in any challenges you might be forced into, and surprising when you opponent realises your Primaris Psyker is now Strength 8 (with a force maul) and Toughness six. Eternal Warrior will help against force weapons (or double strength weapons if you roll low).


Essentially the opposite of Iron Arm, this curse power reduces the fighting strength of enemy units by one, and causes all terrain crossed by the target to be difficult going. This can help weaken enemy chargers against your shooting, and slow them down on their way to your front line. Helpful if you have to take a charge too, as it reduces the damage they can cause to you.


This power grants feel no pain, it will not die and relentless to your models targeted. It will not die is only really useful for multi wound models, but the other two are very handy in granting extra resilience. Relentless is very handy for heavy weapons carriers, so maybe it is worth casting in on units such as Havocs, who will then be able to move and shoot with no penalties, and even charge if they have to. The power is handy in many cases, from boosting objective holding units' resilience, to changing the chances in close combat as attacks bounce off your second save and wounds reknit themselves.

Life leech

Does what it says on the tin. If you manage to kill a model, you get back one wound if you cause at least one wound that goes unsaved. Note that this wont let you go above your starting wounds characteristic. It is short range, with with str 6 and AP2 it does have a good chance of working well, though it is best using it against single wounded models.

Warp Speed

Warp Speed is similar to Iron Arm, but with different characteristics. This power boosts Attacks and Initiative by D3, and grants fleet of foot. This is very helpful in getting in extra hits, and in most cases before the enemy strikes. Another power which can be handy in a challenge. Note that the Initiative boost will not work on models with Unwieldy weapons such as Force Axes and Power Fists.


This power can be nasty for the enemy, particularly with low toughness models and bad rolling on thier part. Failed toughness tests cause a model to be killed, with no armour or cover saves. If this kills a model, another within 2" is selected to do the same, if they die, then another, and so on until a Toughness Test is passed, or everyone has had their brains come out of their noses. It does require a lot of luck to be effective, but if the enemy is weak, then chances are it'll do so much more. No armour saves means it also has a good chance at damaging Terminators and the like. This power can be more effective if combined with Enfeeble in the same turn.

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