Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Analysis: Forgeworld Open Day 2013

Forgeworld Open Day: the gamer's equivalent to the mystical Wonka chocolate factory of dreams and wonder. Its doors were opened to the public, and like the factory of the confectionery counterpart, was full of magnificent,  marvellous, and non-mass market products and creations for the visitors and the internet to lap up, awaiting their inevitable release. Although I sadly was unable to attend, I was scouring the web fanatically to gather pics for the Facebook followers. Today though, I feel like going into great detail on a few of my favourites.

Horus Heresy Land Speeder

This was the first I caught in my internet-net, and probably one of my favourites. Following the contours and shapes of the Scimitar Jet-bikes, it fits in very nicely the the aesthetic of the Horus Heresy and its treasure trove of good things. I was thinking of getting one to make an interesting chariot type thing for a lord or sorcerer, until I realised how big it was. My it's a beast!

From looking at the images, you can see that it's at least twice the length of the jet-bike, and about three times wider. In other words, it's closer in size to a battle tank than the normal plastic skimmer, and will even dwarf the larger Dark Angels one. If I were to get one, it would make a very interesting count as. I was thinking Heldrake, but due to its bulk and armament, it may possibly end up a count-as Predator battle tank.

Rapier variant weapon systems

Variety is the space of life, and it seems Forgeworld has sprinkled a heavy amount over the Rapier laser battery. From what I've gather from the history of 40k, there was only ever one variant in the bye-gone days of early 40k. But Forgeworld has decided to re-write history, and introduce two cool variants, a quad Heavy Bolter version and a Heavy Graviton Cannon one. Both of these new weapons platforms look pretty neat; I have been thinking of making come chaos versions of rapiers, and I may include some of these newer types in my conversions. Triple Graviton Cannons could be interesting.

Dread Maw

I have no idea what this thing is, but its awesome looking! Who doesn't like big scary desert snakes (except maybe the people it fancies for lunch). My WHFB knowledge is limited, but I suspect this beast is within the Monstrous Arcanum rulebook. If not, it maybe coming with the next Warhammer Forge book.


Again, Forgeworld has been sprinkling a generous amount of variety over the sculpting team, and we now have a variant of the Fellblade, the cleverly named Fellglaive (hang on, isn't a glaive a type of blade?). This version is armed with what looks like an enormous Volkite Cannon. From what I've herd about the power of volkite weapons, this is uber good. Also, seeing as its the only change to the Fellblade (and the turret back-box), I'm now tempted to magnetise my main cannon, to let me swap between the killy Accelerator Cannon, and the killy looking and sounding Volkite gun

Sons of Horus Contemptor Dreadnought

I've been saying to myself over and over, "Do not buy a third Contemptor". I'm not sure I can say no any longer. This thing is suitably awesome and detailed, many details look very chaotic. I'm also a big fan of the shoulder pads, one of which has a stylised eye which looks suspiciously like the eye on Thousand Sons models. With a bit of work, this thing could make a fantastic model to lead the other two into an epic battle.

that is all for now, but you you do want to know my opinions of the other reveals (such as the Executioner squad, the Troll mother or new Whirlwind), come over and chat on the Facebook page.

(Images from Lexicanum Facebook page, Bad dice Podcast and Chuffy)

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