Tuesday, 23 April 2013

The Fellblade Project: Part Six (Guns and Ammo Monthly)

The team of Thousand Sons gathered in a line facing the half built monster of a vehicle. The three marines of no appreciable rank stood still and silent, their bodies long since turning to ask and warp-fire, soulless automatons awaiting command of the fourth marine there; Singyr. Singyr's warp abilities and dark mechanicus training were exceptional, before the purge and absorption of the Scions of Medrengard squad. His hidden talents of sorcery were noticed by the Thousand Sons the war band had lost to, and was the only one to be spared, providing he swore a new allegiance to Magnus and to Tzeentch. His abilities with the machine and daemon-binding were noted by Khotep, and he had been 'chosen' for this important and dangerous task.

"Singyr", Spoke Khotep, but with a voice not quite his own. "You are to bind your brethren to this battle engine. their souls must join with the soul of the machine, they must unite for true skill in battle. Your squad is now to crew this mighty war-engine, and your are to command it and them in battle. Not a single mistake may be made when incanting from the sacred scrolls of binding, if so, your soul and body will be devoured by the denizens of the dark palace of K'kalapprax for an infinite lifetimes, your being reincarnated again and again to experience the same torment. Understood?

Singyr remained silent. He was honoured by the privilege of being one with the machine in battle, something his former master had strived for, but  he was silently fearful of failure.

Last time, I had made some serious progress on the turret and some on the hull. Today it is the same form of progress, and the turret is starting to look like a turret, and not a slightly lumpy dome.

The other side of the turret has received a layer of Milliput and a sand. The edge has been neatened up with some trim, although the new side work needs adding to so it is the same shape and size as the original side. The only bit in need of a Milliput late is the top.

The main work has been the ammo box. This was an incredibly awkward shape to work on. Not just due to the top plate, but also because I had to introduce angles to curves: adding a square structure to a rounded edge. Thankfully, one of my new tools, a circle cutter, helped massively in creating the essential side panels.

The overall shape is something similar to the original. Not identical, but close enough. I have has to remove two of the spiked rings covering the Hellfire Reactor, as they were blocking the turret's rotation.

I've added magnets behind the back panel; why you ask? It's for when I want to use this tank as a Fellglaive and use the Volkite Cannon. This allows me to also swap out the ammo box. I will be creating a Voliite power pack, which can be popped on top of the standard ammo box and be removed easily, along with a magnetised cannon, without the need for an entirely new turret.

I've also been adding some trim to the hull. Not much mind, but it is starting to take shape. The first gun has been added; a Demolisher Cannon, left over from one of my old Leman Russ tanks.

That is all for today, but if you want to see how this project has developed, I have listed all previous posts about the Chaos Fellblade bellow for ease of searching:

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