Saturday, 6 April 2013

WIP: Chaos Possessed

So'vara braced for another shot from his rail-gun, and sent a second high velocity shell into the Rampaging Maulerfiend, Incapacitating the beast and sending shards of blue metal flying outwards. He had been holding the west sector of the refinery by himself, after heavy fire from a clutch of Storm Eagles and Heldrakes had killed his other XV88 comrades. The sparking wrecks of the other battle suits lay around him, he knew that they had died for the greater good.

Something moved on the scaffolding above him, and a Storm Eagle launched off the structure. A group had been dropped off: enemy chaos marines. But at first glances, they did not look like the warriors he had been fighting. Their armour was not the regal blue and gold of the familiar foe: it was a motley clash of different colours, each marine was unique. Every set of armour was heavily corroded and damaged, showing no signs of maintenance,  remnants of icons could be half-identified: red lightning bolts, a wolf's head, a dragon. Many of the soldiers' arms did not end in hands, but grossly misshapen appendages, claws, blades and many stranger mutations. So'vara launched a salvo of rockets at the gantry above, but the marines saw this coming and leaped off the gantry, straight at him from 50 feet up above.

Whilst XV88 armour is tough, it is slow, and the Tau warrior struggled against the possessed in combat as they crashed onto and around his suit. So'vara tried to bat his rail-gun into a possessed, a second torso growing from its neck, but it leaped over on powerful legs, landing on the head-camera of his suit and ripping across it with a hooked claw, its barbed tongue lashing in rage. Another jumped on his back, scratching at the power pack and cutting cables with a crab like claw. The squad attacked like a pack of rabid dogs, clawing, lashing and biting at the suit with inhuman strength. So'vara managed to shoulder one creature into the struts holding up the partially destroyed gantry, the marine's armour caving in from the heavy impact. Even though it slumped on the floor, it soon shot up with an audible crack as bones re-knitted themselves, out the the cracked power armour bust a stinger-tipped tentacle. The mob was relentless, and managed to break into the chest cavity of the battle-suit. So'vara knew he was to join his brothers. 

Today I'm showing off something slightly different to the uniform blue/gold scheme you are familiar with. I'm working on a group of Possessed, based on the Warriors of Chaos Forsaken I've previously reviewed. I've mixed in a few spares from both imperial and chaos Space Marines, and slightly damaging imperial insignia: I still want people to see the origins of these guys.

I wanted to paint up each possessed like a marine from a different chapter; the idea being that they are captured imperial (or chaos) marines with daemons forced upon their bodies and tortured by eternal combat on the side of chaos.

The two semi-completed models, the champion and a grunt, have been painted in imperial schemes; a White Scar and Imperial fist respectively. Both are to receive extreme weathering, to show the zero-care to their armour (they're not the sons of Magnus, why should they get shiny blue armour?). The weathering my look different on each set of armour, but all should look worn and uncared for.

Helmeted soldiers will get a strong blue glow, to help represent the daemonic entity and unify this miss-matched crew. the area around the eye slit on this model has been severely burned (using weathering pigments) to show the power of the daemon as it 'burns' the soul of the bodies' former occupant.

That is all for today, but keep on track with all my projects my visiting the Facebook page, and feel free to share your own.

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