Saturday, 13 April 2013

WIP: Thousand Sons Revamp (Part One)

Having looked at my recent projects (Land Raider Proteus, Forgefiend, and WIP Tartaros Terminators, to name but a few), I had the feeling that my older units, i.e. my squads of basic Thousand Sons, were looking a tad...dated. I've decided to improve on my models, by giving them a fresh new look.

But first, I had to demolish them. Painful to do, but necessary for the greater good of having epic models. The whole set was sprayed in Fairy Power Spray to remove the paint. Whilst it hasn't removed all the paint, it has removed enough layers to regain some of the details, and the crucial metal parts, such as headdresses, are completely void of paint!

Now, at this point I would have shown you some sexy new parts I had ordered. But thanks to an unnamed UK postal service, I haven't got them yet, and judging by how they handled my other 40k related package, I wont be getting it at all. Back to square one it seems. I should be picking up a few parts from my gaming club on Monday. Not my first choice of parts, but they're still pretty good.

I also had the idea (and the need) to create some of my own parts. Having found a list of great tutorials, I've set to work on creating some bespoke items of armour. My favourite so far is the above helmets, of which have been sculpted to look like Mk III and Mk IV helmets. Considering they're my first real attempts, they're not too bad. The Mk III still needs its brow, but other than that its game-worthy. I've also had a go at modifying other power armour sections. A pair of legs are starting to look more like MK V plate, and the backpacks on the right are inspired by MK VI.

 I've also been working on what could be a new unit sorcerer or icon bearer. The top of the body is a cut-down grey knight (used in a previous attempt to make chaos Chosen), joined with the legs taken from a Huron Blackheart model I wasn't planning on using any time soon. The overall pose appears to be one of a gentle swagger, an air of arrogance and confidence comes off this model. As well as this guy, I plan to reuse a bunch of my older models, including a converted Justicar and Crowe (right).

What the Contemptor used to look like...

It's not just the infantry who are getting a new look. One of my Contemptor Dreadnoughts is recieving some custom trim around the leg, knee and shoulder plates, to tie it in with the Chaos Space Marines it fights alongside. You will notice in the next picture that it is missing its Conversion Beamer. I've decided to change the weapon, as it was not working to its full potential when combined with a Plasma Blaster. The beamer will be used though, and I'll probably magnetise it for use on either Contemptor. To get better use from the in-built plasma blaster, I'll be using another complimentary short-range weapon, perhaps a Multi-Melta or Butcher Cannon. I've also thought about adding a Havoc launcher, so I need to find a suitable part for that.

That is all for this week, but come back Tuesday for another 40k update.

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