Thursday, 25 April 2013

WIP: Thousand Sons Revamp (Part Three: Power Armour and Big-Basing)

I have been a very happy servant of the Dark Gods this week. After much frustration with my postal service for loosing two key parcels for my army refurbish, I am happy to report that one package (from Anvil industries) and another (from Putrid painting) have arrived, as well as my prize from The Chilling Wargamers (which I am appearing as a guest on tonight, 7pm GMT, be there...).

Let me briefly talk about the model I won. It's a Scribor knight, it would have been a dwarf/bunny, but a scrambled warp-signal meant this was sent instead. Still, a very good model, so I'm not disheartened. I'll be reviewing this model later on, and will probably paint it up as a one off piece not for my army: with the details it has, it may become a Deathwing Captain.

Right, onto the army. From both orders, I received:

  • 20 Anvil Industries Legs (robed and non-robed)
  • 2 Anvil Autocannons
  • 5 Anvil rifles
  • 1 60mm base
  • 1 pack of winter tufts
  • 2 Mantic Forgefather Hailstorm Guns

The legs and guns are to be distributed amongst my Thousand Sons squads. At first, I thought they were too small for my Chaos Marines, but when compared t a normal marine, they are fine. I think it is because my new unit sorcerer is a giant.

Custom autocannon on the left, Anvil Industries one on the right

The Autocannons are absolutely beautiful, industrial  brutal looking, and most importantly, fit space marines. I need a fourth autocannon to complete the squad, which I am thinking of utilising at Wartorn's 40k tournament. 

Next up, its the new base. This is one of Microart's 60mm temple bases. I've always wanted this type of base for my dreadnoughts, and now that I've found a UK seller with good prices, I can now add one to my Contemptor. I have had to replace one of the feet so the Dreadnought stood level, but Contemptor Dreadnoughts come with two pairs of feet (flat and stepping) and I kept them, so it's all good.

The last piece of the puzzle is those Hailstorm guns. I have an interesting plan for these. After reviewing them soon, and with some changes, they will become chaotic versions of Space Marine Rapier Guns, running a unit of three (with my old Scratch-build). I know Chaos Space Marines cannot use them normally, but I plan to create custom rules for them, for use in friendly games and Apocalypse matches. They're certainly interesting models, and I can be happy to review them. 

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