Tuesday, 14 May 2013

Flames of war: Preparing The Battlegroup

The war effort is quickly building up speed, and I know have a half-decent plan for my Late War Germans.

I've come up with what I think is an OK 1700 points Panzerkompanie list. using the Grey Wolf rulebook. It is a first draft and open to change:

HQ-2x Panther G, bergepanzer III

Combat Platoon-3x Panther G

Combat Platoon-5x Stug G

Divisional Support-1x Panzerspah puma patrol

Divisional Support-2x Mauder II

This list is full of heavy hitters, and I should have weapons suitable for most types of armour. What the list is lacking though is infantry, AA, and artillery, so I may need to jig the list around a bit.

I've got 2/3 of the Puma platoon. This is the first time I've built official Flames of War models. They don't go together as nicely as Plastic Soldier Company's models, but they do look quite good. I hope to get the third and final Puma soon (store only had two).

A start on the Bergepanzer III has been made. I've decided to use my test-scheme Panzer III to save some money, and add a "box" tot he top. I have run out of plasticard strips in the size I need, so it'll have to wait before being finished.

Painting wise, I also now have the correct colours now. The colours I had previously were suitable for Afrikakorps (my first choice). Now I am doing a late-war theme.

Next stage is to try out painting the new scheme, then getting on with making more Zimmerit for my tanks.

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