Saturday, 4 May 2013

Review: Scribor SF Knight

I'm starting to enjoy this "don't just review GW" plan. Having looked at Mantic and Kromlech in the recent past, I'll be looking at Scibor today.

I will admit, up until recently I haven't been a big fan. I thought the models looks too chunky, and the details were a bit off. But that perception has changed now I have a model in my hands. The internet can be a misleading mistress.

What I have here is a SF 'Angel Knight', in 28-30mm scale. It retails for around 20 euros (I say around, because for whatever reason, I cannot find the variety I have here on sale on their web-page). The model comes in several pieces, namely: main body, left shoulder pad, shield, sword, and a scenic base. A very nice scenic base, very nice. Very tall too, so if you're one for gaming, the added inch might hinder your cover save efforts.

The sculpting which I was oh-so critical of is actually in person very crisp, very neat, and quite something to behold. Very different to the style I'm used to, and not in-keeping with any of my forces. With the templars/knight styling, and the death-motifs, this guy will probably be painted up as a Deathwing Captain of some description.

Quality wise, around 90-95% of the model was in a good condition. However, there were a few air bubbles, one in the hood, another in the robes, and a huge one in the sword hand, which had utterly destroyed three fingers. fortunately it is an easy fix, and at a normal viewing angle, you wouldn't notice. Still, for an inexperienced modeller it is a big fault.

Also, the resin on the shield is very thin and brittle, it actually shattered in a few places near the top. It also didn't quite fit, but pinning and green-stuff filler solved most problems.

All-in-all, this is a very lovely collectors piece. A solid 9.5/10 for those who like numbers. It has many fantastic details and one of the best designed bases I've seen, even if it does put you at a gaming disadvantage.  It is let down a tiny bit by quality issues, but when compared to other, more well-known company's quality troubles, these issues are rather light. As normal, here is a summary of the good and bad points:

-Very detailed
-Amazing scenic base
-Dramatic style

-Minor quality issues
-Brittle resin (especially on thin sections)
-Base might be unsuitable for gaming


  1. I've had the Caesar model in my bitzbox for quite some time. The sword just wouldn't stuck, though the model is great. Didn't bring myself to painting it yet. It would make a great Emperor stand-in.

  2. Nice review. I have other model of Scibor and make review to:
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