Saturday, 11 May 2013

Showcase: Thousand Sons Sorcerer In Terminator Armour

Ramshek the Necromancer, Ramshek the flesh-crafter, scourge of the Kamir sector, enemy of the Black Templars. Ramshek was formerly a mere apothecary in the Thousand sons before their fall to chaos. His healing powers were well respected, but they were unable to stop the mutations what plagued the legion. And after the Rubric, his skills in healing had little use, seeing as his former patients were now mere piles of dust.

Instead of continuing the path of the healer, Ramshek studied the forbidden arts of manipulation of the body, and resurrection of the dead. After centuries of study, testing and resulting insanity, he is now a feared, if paranoid, practitioner of chaos. He earned the eternal scorn of the witch-hunting Black Templars during the Secession wars on Demoria during the thirty-eighth millennium. After his cabal destroyed a detachment of Templars, including Marshal Gordarius and his terminator honour guard, he resurrected the dead heroes of the Imperium, twisting them into over-grown muscle bound monstrosities. The Marshal and his champions now form his Mutilator body-guard, and act as a show of his power and as viscous attack-dogs. The sons of Dorn are now on a crusade to hunt down the one responsible for defiling and robbing the chapter of heroes who deserve to be with their golden corpse-god. 

So here is Ramshek, in a suit of finely crafted Terminator Armour. He is the HQ choice I am planning to use for Wartorn, so I thought it would be best to paint him up.

The conversion is mainly made up of a Tartaros pattern Terminator, with static legs. the shoulder pads are a matching pair from the Forsaken box-set, and the sword comes from Lord Kranon, from the Dark Vengeance box-set. The front cloth is a thousand sons piece, and the rear one if from the Dark Angels sergeant, also from Dark Vengeance. The helmet is taken from a finecast Aspiring Sorcerer, with the headdress cut off and attached to the top armour.

The cracks in the shoulders were fun to paint, and have been painted to look like an ethereal glow creeping out of the armour. The glow was painted using the glow technique I shared a while back.

The flat panels were also a chance to practice some freehand. On one of the legs (shown) I had a go at painting one of the alternative symbols of the Thousand sons, which I think came out well. In keeping with my background for Ramshek, the helmet on his base was painted to look like a Black Templar. The rest of the base is made of miliput and pieces of cork, covered in sand.

Now that this guy is done, I can get on with the other parts of my army-list, namely my troops choices.

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