Thursday, 23 May 2013

Showcase: Thousand Sons Squad

The space marines walked down the vast hall in perfect unison in an even square of nine, no step was even a micro-second out of sync. Their movements were almost robotic, but had a certain life and humanity to them. The planetary governor stood defiant, aiming his plasma pistol at the squad. He knew he had no chance against these fallen angels, but he would try to take at least one of them down.

He fired, the ball of super-heated plasma hitting one of the chaos marines, its helmet being dislodged and falling to the ground with a heavy thump, partially melting on its way down. The unit stopped as one. What the governor saw sent him reeling in shock. All that was left of the occupant was a skeleton, ablaze with green warpfire. Its eyes burnt with the strength of many suns, flames licking from its mouth and eyes. The ghost-marine, bedecked in gemstones and ornate battle plate, reached down and picked up the part molten helmet, the armour reforming by unseen magic. It placed the helmet back on, before the unit continued onwards. Another marine spoke, the champion.

"Our lord's plans are coming to fruition, and you are not a part of them".

The governor screamed as his body was lifted from the ground, pulled up by invisibles forces conjured by the sorcerer. The sorcerer nodded to the marine who had been hit, its bolter rising up towards him. Then it fired, glowing bolt-shells striking the governor and burning him to ashes with sorcerous energies. 

Finally, I can now say I have a unit of Thousand Sons. This squad was part of my new revamp, and is the first unit to be completed with the new parts.

All the models apart from the Sorcerer use legs from Anvil Industries  one of my new favourite 3rd party model/bits producers. I've used a mix of robed, standing and running legs to get a nice variety.

Some models also use Anvils rifles, with the stocks removed so they would fit. Maxmini shoulder pads leftover from my other models have been mixed in as well.

The squad has been painted as normal, with a  few changes. Instead of working up the colours from black, I started with a primer of Army Painter ultramarine blue. this has resulted in a smoother, slightly brighter main colour. Some of the models also have freehand on their robes , lined in Liche Purple. All of them have either the symbol of the Thousand Sons or the mark of Tzeentch on their shoulders, if they have a blank shoulder pad. I also made a return to the original scheme of the Thousand Sons, replacing the yellow trim with the classic gold trim. This has resulted in the squad looking far more regal.

Compared to my original efforts (shown on the left) I feel that this has been  significant improvement. Next on my list is some final details to their transport, and then it's onto the autogun cultists.

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