Saturday, 18 May 2013

Tactics: Chaos Vindicators

Vindicators are the main bunker-buster in space marine armies, as well as their chaotic counterparts. Whilst they have no special rules to aid in punching holes in walls, they are very good at punching holes in anything. Today I will be sharing my thoughts on the chaos space marine variety. The Chaos Vindicator still provides a well armoured blast tank, at a small 10 point increase. 

Vindicators are still vulnerable from the sides and rear, and vulnerable to charges (like all rhino based vehicles), as they have to be close to be in range. To increase survivability, it is best to remain in cover. You only need 25% coverage now, so this is made a bit easier. The main gun has, in a way, become more potent, now that blast templates do not suffer a half-strength penalty when partially covering tanks and vehicles.

Vindicators still have access to their usual war gear, plus some new items. I would avoid buying havoc launchers, other weapons are fine. This is because weapons fired after ordinance weapons can only fire snapshots, and other blast weapons cannot fire snapshots.

Two of my new favourite items are siege blades and warpflame gargoyles. The siege blade costs three times more than a normal dozer blade, but allows terrain tests to be automatically passed, essential when constantly moving amongst ruins and rubble. Warpflame gargoyles give soulblaze to all weapons. Not powerful on its own, but it helps increase the potency of the demolisher cannon. And at 5 points, it is a nice cheap upgrade with potential.

Another new item is the destroyer blades upgrade. Much like the Ork’s Death-Rolla, it helps cause a big mess when it comes to tank-shocks. Handy if the main gun has been destroyed, and unless the enemy has melta-weapons, you might even survive the death-or-glory attack to use it. Be warned, if you are this close to the enemy, you will get charged.

In general, the role of the vindicator as a close-range tank-hunter and unit smasher, and with clever cover and the right upgrades, it has a good chance of making it to the end of the game in one piece.

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