Thursday, 30 May 2013

WIP: Chaos Heldrake

Much progress has been made this week. The Havoc squad is in progress, the autogun Cultists are getting there, and the Mutilators are pretty much done. they should be done this week. however, the most progress has been made on the Heldrake, which has been worked on at warp-speed.

Before this post, only the blue and the first layer of gold had been done. Today, I am showing you a Heldrake with two completed wings, and a part-completed hull.

The wings have been painted in the usual blue and gold scheme, with added embellishments. On some panels, white scripture has been added. This is mostly thin wavy lines, with chaotic runes. they are based on designs found in the previous edition of the Warriors of Chaos rulebook.

A slightly larger freehand of the Thousand Sons symbol and the mark of Tzeentch have been painted in yellow.

The only thing that remains on this dragon-like machine is the central hull and head, and a few details on the base. The gold needs completing, then it's final details such as the eyes. The teeth might be picked out in a bone colour.

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