Tuesday, 21 May 2013

WIP: Thousand Sons Revamp (Part Four, Troops, Move Out!)

After a not so good previous week, I'm determined to put it behind me and have a really good upcoming week. With a new previously unseen level of motivation, I've been rapidly working on my tournament list.

First off, we have the Mutilators. So far, the blues and skin tone are done, and I am working my way though the metallics  The finished Mutilator has had blood effects added, using Tamiya Clear Red and Devlan Mud mixed together. I plan to review the clear range later on in the week.

Next up, the cultists. I've wanted to include some models which look like military deserters and drop-outs, which is why I am using some modified Cadian models. They are based on the "starter" guard (the cheap clip-together models). Some have had head-swaps, and most have had armour plates removed and damaged, to represent the worse armour saves. They will be painted up as standard Cadians, with some blue panels and defacement of insignia.

I've also acquired some classic metal Cadians, which will also be mixed in with the autogun squad. These will receive a few modifications, such as face masks, spikes and chains.

Last for today is a quick re-show of my sorcerer. Whilst it was deemed finished, I have made a few adjustments after some feedback on the new WGC forum. I've fixed up a mould line on the left leg, changed the casting hand for a Grey knight Terminator one, added some more freehand, tidied up the blue and re-glossed the gems with Tamiya Clear Green. I may yet add more, so stay tuned.

I was planning to show you my Thousand Sons unit, but seeing as they are almost complete, I think I will save them for a showcase post next time we meet, for for now, adios, farewell, and tarah for now..

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