Thursday, 20 June 2013

Analysis: 4ok Psychic Powers (Telepathy)

Telepathy in 40k is essentially all about mind-games. The telepath has the power to inspire, terrify and conceal things from the minds of the enemy and the ally. It is not as directly destructive as other disciplines, so the tactics for its use are very different.

Psychic Shriek

This power is the only real direct-damage power in this discipline. It only has a 12" range, and causes wounds based on leadership values (3D6-LD value). What this power does have going for it is that it doesn't allow armour or cover saves. The best targets for this power are low-leadership units to force more kills, or high armoured units to negate their main bonus.


This power can effectively render an enemy unit useless for a turn. The enemy has to roll a leadership test every time it wants to run, shoot, move, assault....anything really.  Failure means they do nothing at all. Very handy for units closing in on you, or ones with big guns. The power will not work on fearless units or those without a leadership value, so don't try this in those Dreadnoughts bearing down on you.

Mental Fortitude

Mental Fortitude is a blessing which helps units stand their ground. Fleeing units immediately regroup, and become Fearless for a turn. This is also very handy even if the unit isn't fleeing the battlefield. Use it to buff camping units, to stop them running off key objectives, or use it on a cannon fodder unit (like Cultists) to tie up enemy assault units and prevent them running down your screening units in the fall-back phase. The power is a bit useless if you have a lot of fearless units like Thousand Sons.

Puppet Master

The power use the enemy's guns against them is in your hands. The power lets you control one model (your choice is you pass the "focused" part) within 24" and shoot with it for a turn. Turn meltas on enemy tanks, or gun doen hordes with blast markers. this power can also affect enemy tanks, so you can really have some fun here This is a focused witchfire power so it does require a bit of luck. To help improve your chances, aim for units with multiple models with powerful gear (Fire Dragons, Lootas, Devastators, tanks squadrons). If you don't get your targeted model, there will still be something useful. Also, you could try targeting single-model units to improve the odds.


Even the most fearless of foe will be shaking in their boots after this power goes off. The target looses their Fearless rule for a turn and also have to take a leadership. Very handy for units that just will not flee. This would even be handy for large Ork mobs, fearless due to their unit size. Their naturally low leadership could be the death of them.

Render units like this invisible.

a very good power for units holding out at the back on objectives. Granting Shrouded and Stealth, this power renders a unit pretty much....well...invisible. It is Warp Charge two, so you will need a psyker with mastery two to be able to use it. But it is very beneficial. Using the previous example of Cultists, a unit of Cultists in ruins with Invisibility cast upon them will have a 2+ cover save. On a 20 or 30 man unit, that's one unit that is virtually un-removable. Of course the power does not work on cover ignoring weapons like flamers, so watch out for those

Alternatively, you could use this on units closing in on the enemy, to improve their survivability. The power effectly creates a 4+ cover save on its own, and will boost whatever cover you mode through


Stay off them drugs kids! 

The final power of the discipline, and possibly one of the most interesting. Also mastery two, it needs a good psyker to be used. The target unit has a chance of either pinning the unit automatically, rendering them useless for a turn, or a third, more deadly effect. The final roll results in the unit attacking itself in combat. Each model makes a close combat attack with their best weapons. This could seriously damage units like Terminators, Grey knights and Mega Nobs, who all have high Strength and/or low AP weapons. aim for the enemy combat monsters and let their imaginations go wild.

So with some advice on messing with the minds of your foe, you can now have a go of giving the enemy nightmares.

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