Tuesday, 4 June 2013

Battle Report: Thousand Sons Vs. Rockband of Chaos (500 pts)

Two chaotic armies clashed in the ruins of the mining outpost 44-KZ1. A warband of slaaneshi followers planned to fight with the autonomous soldiers of the Thousand Sons for ancient archaeotech. The slaanesh followers wanted it to sell for material wealth, extremely valuable and rare hell-crystals, in honour of their god, whilst the Tzeentchians wished to collect it for their maddened tech-savants to study; to add to a never-ending collection of knowledge, sorcerous or otherwise.

The match has "relic" for this game, the relic was represented by my converted Rapier laser gun in the centre.

Thousand Sons list:

HQ-Sorcerer, Mark of Tzeentch, mastery two, disc of tzeentch, spell familiar, gift of mutation (hatred)
TROOPS-20 cultists, 17 autoguns, 2 heavy stubbers
TROOPS-10 chaos marines, autocannon
FAST ATTACK-3 bikes, plasma gun

Rockband of Chaos
HQ-Lord, Mark of Slaanesh, plasma pistol, power sword
TROOPS-5 noise marines, 4 sonic blasters, power maul
TROOPS-10 chaos marines, missile launcher, flamer, power fist
FASt ATTACK-3 bikes

The Thousand Sons rolled to go first, and deployed the bikes to the left, with their lord. The cultists took the middle, whilst the marines went for the right flank. The enemy deployed their bikes opposite mine, with the marines next along, and the noise marines holding out in the ruined building. The rock band stole the initiative and went first.

Turn one

The Rockband of Chaos moves everything forward, ready to bring the right to the Thousand sons. However, shooting is very ineffectual, as the marines kill two cultists overall.

The Thousand sons start just as badly. The sorcerer attempts to boon the biker champion, but ends up turning him into a mindless spawn! (represented by the mutilator). Luck  is fairly limited after the movement phase. The bikes charge forward with their mutated former champion, their leading sorcerer casting sunburst to no effect, but with the plasma gunner killing a biker. The cultists fail to kill, as do the marines.

someone's a mad lord because they're not finished yet...

It is the combat phase where things heat up. The sorcerer  challenges the biker champion, who fails to wound the Tzeentch sorcerer. The sorcerer then cuts down the champion, and is gifted with the Crusader ability. The bikes fail to hurt one another, but the newly formed spawn kills off the final biker, and the group moves towards the marines.

Turn Two

Hoping for some easy kills, the marines and lord move forward hoping to kill more cultists, only managing to take down three more. The noise marines also take down one of the tzeentch bikers, but they pass their leadership test.

The Thousand sons continue to move ahead. The sorcerer casts sunburst again, this time killing two and blinding the unit. The plasma gun biker kills once more and overheats, but makes his save. The cultists kill two of the blinded marines, and the marines take two wounds off the lord, who is worryingly in the open.

The Thousand Sons charge. The marines take two wounds off the spawn, who charged first to soak up the fire. My sorcerer challenges and both models are attacking last (force axe and power fist). The power fist manages to strike lucky and takes a wound off the sorcerer, but the sorcerer has the last laugh and decapitates another hero (five times over thanks to hatred re-rolls), and gets gifted with Hatred...again. The marines kill the spawn, and win combat, though the sorcerer and bike pass their leadership test.

Turn Three

A final stand from the noise marines...

Slaanesh's followers are taking a beating, so a dash for the objective is made by the lord and noise marines. The noise marines fire on the marines to no effect, and the lord blasts a cultist with his plasma pistol. In the combat, the sorcerer and biker mop up the marines and make their way to the lord.

The sorcerer flies further into enemy lines, casting off another dazzling pyrotechnic display. The sunburst finishes off the lord (granting Cosmic Fate to the favoured sorcerer) and kills two noise marines in the area of effect. The marines kill two more, leaving just the noise champion, who is then charged. In this final duel, the fast champion strikes the sorcerer with a power maul, hitting, but the hit is saved by power amour. In one fell swoop, the noise marine is decapitated , ending the game. Had it carried on, the sorcerer would have added Icy Aura to his tally of gifts.


Rockband of chaos: 0

Thousand Sons: First blood (1) slay the warlord (1) =2 points

Tzentch victory!

I do feel bad for tabling my girlfriend on turn three (I made appology tea and helped her make a Necron Overlord, who will probably kick my butt in the future) but it was fun seeing my tzeentch jetbike sorcerer slice up every champion on the field. Never had so many gifts without rolling the multiple gifts-gift. It was down to a lot of luck though, and we look forward to the next game, with better luck!


  1. Can't rightly call it a 1000 Sons list with no 1000 Sons. Just MHO. Cool conversion of a reaver for your Tzeentch lord, tho.

    1. Very true, was mainly for identity of the different armies :) I used them as normal marines today because the same amount of Thousand Sons would have been half the allowed points, meaning very little points for anything else :P In normal games they are real sons :)