Thursday, 27 June 2013

showcase: 1500 pts Thousand Sons Foce (Wartorn UK)

Wartorn is quickly approaching, but I am now safe in the knowledge that my fighting force is all painted and ready for battle.

The list has remained relatively intact, but those eagle-eyed viewers will have noticed there is no more Rhino for my Thousand Sons. After a discussion on the forums, it was agreed that it is an easy kill-point, and I've dropped it (and one cultist) to spend points buffing the more important units.

 The Vindicator now has Daemonic Possession, whilst the Mutilators have the benefit of a mark of Tzeentch.

My combat tactics are very light at the moment, and I suspect I'll think about them in more detail. My main plan is to focus each unit on a particular target. For example, the Havocs will focus on light armour/bikes, Vindicator will take tanks/infantry, as will the Land Raider, and the Drake will get up high and focus on back-bench killers such as artillery, and other flyers. I am open to tactical suggestions, but to let you know, I cannot change any part of my list, the list has already been submitted.

As well as preparing my main force, I've also managed to finish the Daemon Prince, which may see some action this weekend if I roll Dark Apotheosis for any of my champions.

If you have read the Facebook page recently, you will know that there will not be a post this Saturday, as I will be at Wartorn UK. However, I will be taking tons of photos, so expect them to appear over the weekend. Normal service resumes Tuesday.

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