Saturday, 22 June 2013

Showcase: Chaos Lord/Sorcerer on Jet-bike

To lead my chaos bikers into battle, I created a new speedy HQ choice a few months back. Now the model is complete, say hello to my Jet-biking hero.

In-game, he counts as either a Sorcerer or a Lord of Tzeentch, on a Disc of Tzeentch with a Burning Brand of Skalathrax, amongst other things. This is because the disc is classed as a jet-bike, and you don't need to be great at maths to work out a jet-bike is a good alternative for something that works like a jet-bike. The Baleflamer from the Heldrake was planed in the weapon housing to represent the Brand.

This model sacrificed his noggin for a
good cause....
Very little had changed since you last saw this model. I swapped the head out, taking the one used on my actual-disc sorcerer. I felt it was better representing of a Thousand Sons than the more generic horned helmet it had before. The rest you know already: A Forge World Scimitar Jet-bike, combined with a power axe from the Dark Vengeance starter set, various Chaos components, and some Brass etch.

The paint scheme follows the standard blue-gold scheme. The ordinary metals were given a lot of wear-and tear, which done through heavy washes of Agrax Earithshade and Badab Black, as well as a lot of chipping with Mithril Silver.

The power/force axe was painted in red fiery tones. I started with a lightning effect, painted on in a 25/75 mix of black and Mechrite Red. I then painted in increasingly smaller lines in the following order: pure Mechrite Red, Evil Sunz Scarlet, Troll Slayer Orange, Flash Gitz Yellow, 50/50 Flash Gitz Yellow/White, White. I also added an ominous yellow eye on the centre of the blade.

Because of all the large flat surfaces, I had plenty of space to practice freehand. Much of the model's surface has been convered in icons and scripture. Icons were done in Averland Sunset and Flash Gitz yellow, whilst the scripture was painted in white using an insane Detail brush from Army Painter.

With this guys completed, I'm ready to challenge Nurgle Command's model in combat in the coming months.

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