Tuesday, 18 June 2013

WIP: Chaos Bikers of Tzeentch

What's fast, deadly and scary to fight? Battle-unicorns, obviously. Today, I am not sharing any armour plated fairytale killers, but another type of steed; the bike.

Having completed three Chaos Bikers, I could tell that three wasn't going to be enough to do some damage or protect my jet-bike lord. So, I am in the process of building four more, including two extra Plasma-gunners, to add a very nice anti-2+ kick to the unit.

The basic models are the non-chaos Space Marine bikes (I bought one of the three-packs to save some coin!). I chose this variety because it closer ties in to my conversions based on the Dark Angel bikes. Also, I prefer the more enclosed, armoured and less spiky look.

A few modifications have been made though. The main one of course is the helmets, which are metal Thousand Sons ones. I've also changed the chest pieces and shoulder pads to chaos space marine bits. I had to trim the belt buckles on the chests, since they were preventing me from placing them at the right angle. If the bodies are to up-straight, I cannot fit the larger chaos backpacks on.

The hardest part was making the Plasma Guns for the bikes. In the end, I went with a different style to my first one, and simply added the plasma weapon on top of the bolter. I trimmed down a Plasma Pistol (and the plasma cutter from a Techmarine on one bike) and flattened the top of one bolter. The two were introduced, and now I have a simple yet representative conversion, without the rider having to balance and enormous energy rifle in one hand.

Next up it's painting, and then the unit will be a nice 7 strong squad of speedy death. I'll probably take advantage of GWs three-pack of bikes again to save more money, and I can then have a full-sized unit, and make the final speciality model; the icon bearer. Comments and criticisms welcome.

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  1. These are awesome! Good idea the conversion with the plasma guns.
    Good job