Tuesday, 25 June 2013

WIP: Daemon Prince of Tzeentch

when playing a test match with my tournament list, I managed to enter a combat challenge and win with my Terminator lord. I rolled my bonus, and got the most-favoured roll of 65-Dark Apotheosis. I was amazed I managed to roll it, but annoyingly, I had no Daemon Prince model. a Contemptor Dreadnought did proxy for the time being, but it has spurred me to built one, in-case such a thing happens at the tournament, where WYSIWYG is more strict. Things is, I have less than three days to prepare it.

Fortunately I have finished building the beast, so that's stage one complete. The model is based on the K'daai Fireborn models made by Forge World/Warhammer Forge. I had to buy a box of three, but it does mean there will be more princes to come, one for each of my major champions, should they all decide to go full on beast-mode. It has ended up a fraction taller than a Contemptor dreadnought, but far skinnier. It is taller than a Lord of Change, so I suspect it is a suitable size for a Daemon Prince, even though it is smaller than the official plastic kit. It is on a 60mm base to keep the other players happy, and fore more space for scenic bits. The war gear has been left purposely bland: this is the transformation prince, and this has no gear other than a mark and power armour. Other future princes will be more extravagant.

I've made a few modifications to bring it into the 41st millenium. The main piece is the power-fist, leftover from my Tartaros Terminators. You may note that it matches the one wielded by one of my sorcerers, Imoda. This is most likely going to be his transformation, so the fist and a Chaos power pack, from the possessed sprue, have been added. It won't exclusively be his transformation, so I've tried to make it more generic. The cables coming our of both gauntlets are reminiscent of my Terminators, particularly the sorcerer in Terminator Armour who is leading my force.

Paint wise, I am thinking of doing golden armour, or incorporating some blue into it. The flames will either be standard yellow/red, green or purple, though I am leaning towards normal flames for now. If I change my mind, I still have the other two models to test out other colours

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