Saturday, 20 July 2013

Review: Anvil industries Tox Troopers

Variety does no harm (unless it comes to biscuits!). So today, I'm having a look at Anvil Industries, and one of their newer products, the Tox Troopers. These guys sounds great for count-as Nurgle Guard, or even renegades in general, no matter your system or force.
Before going onto the actual product, I do have to say that Anvil's service is extremely efficient and fast. I only ordered these models on Thursday, got the dispatch email yesterday, and received them on my doorstep today. Very fast service, and definitely a plus-point.

Now, onto the models. The kit comes in at £16 (excluding postage) for a total of ten models. To put this into perspective, ten GW Cadians cost £18, ten Forge World Death Korps are £37. So for less money, you are getting some very unique and detailed models made of resin, a material assumed to make models more expensive. Whilst not quite as detailed as the Death Korps models, they are by no means dull, boring or shoddy. What these models lack though are any bases. Anvil says that this allows costs to come down; can't argue with that. Plus, what self-respecting gamer doesn't already have bases? If you don't have any it can be a problem, but bases are easy to find, and in massive variety, from cheap and simple all the way up to the pricier but very detailed.

Each model comes in three pieces; body, gun with hands, and head. Whilst this makes the models beautifully simple to build, it does mean a lot of cutting and slicing for those who want to convert. But for those who want rank and file goons, I doubt this is a high priority. The kit doesn't come with any options though. Anvil do offer a flamer 'booster pack', and I imagine they will add more to the Tox Trooper range, which only consists of the two mentioned kits.

The models, when built, stand a bit and thinner than more common 28mm 'human' infantry. Here it is next to a 40k cultist and a Space Marine; the model is noticeably less bulky, but in a way this isn't a bad thing. People are always complaining that marines are the same size as normal humans, despite being 8 feet tall or more in the fluff. Many decide to make the marines taller. This offers an easier alternative; make the humans smaller!

So, in conclusion, these are a very nice, detailed, simple and cheap kit suitable for your armies. What little the  kit lacks is easily made up by the plus-points of their design, price and ease of assembly. Here are my main points:


-Easy to build
-More 'in scale' with Space Marines and other super-humans
-Nice details


-No bases
-Require a lot of cutting to convert
-No spares
-Smaller than other human models in 28mm

(original image owned by Anvil Industries, used for review purposes only)

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