Saturday, 27 July 2013

Showcase: German Officer and Command Squad

Locked and loaded, my newly finished command unit is ready to lead the forces of 28mm Germany to victory. Well, once the foot-soldiers are painted....

Today I'm sharing my German officer and two assisting troopers from my new Bolt Action force. The unit was made from the plastic Blitzkrieg infantry plastic box-set from Warlord Games.

The main body of the troopers are painted using German Fieldgrey and Basalt Grey, for the uniform and trousers respectively. Field boots have been painted black, and the helmets were done in Reflective Green. the same colours were used to highlight the models, after a black wash was added to shade them.

The skin follows my usual method using GW paints: Bugman's Glow, followed by Dwarf Flesh, a wash of Reikland Fleshshade, finished off with Kislev Flesh.

For the bases I wanted to have a grassy highlands/fields type appearance. I used German Camo Pale Brown and GW Screaming Skull for the rocky surface, and then added static grass on top, leaving some rocks showing.

So with the command group complete, I'll be moving on to my regular infantry. once that task is done, I'll have a fully painted starter force ready for war.

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