Tuesday, 30 July 2013

Showcase: Necron Overlord

By way of an "apology for kicking your Necron's metallic butts", I offered to paint up my girlfriend's Overlord (the plastic model from the Annihilation Barge kit), and here are the results.

The scheme for the army was originally going to be silver and black (classic cron style), but we tried a different colour based on Temple Guard Blue. It suited the model so well that the colour has since been added to the other units. It also helps tie in the models with their wintry bases, and makes the necrons look a lot more interesting.

The shoulder pads and the central cloak plates were first painted with Macgragge Blue, followed by two layers of Temple Guard Blue with an Asurmen Blue wash in between. Faint lightning patterns were added using a 50/50 mix of Temple and Bleached Bone, with more Bleached Bone added to highlight.

The warscythe has been painted with a green  mirrored effect. I imagine this would be a lot easier with an airbrush, but I managed fairly well with a bit of wet-blending and patience.

To finish off today's update, here's a picture of some warriors, painted mostly by the other half. The only bits I did were the shoulder pads and the snowy bases. These guys have a habit of not dying, and with the additions I suspect will come, they will be even more of a challenge in battle.

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