Tuesday, 9 July 2013

Showcase: Tzeentch Contemptor Dreadnought (Redone)

The Ork Dreadnought smashed apart the cultists, massive oversized claws snipped them in two, crushing jaws pulped bodies, and under-slung rotary cannons fired point-blank tore open the un-armoured bodies of the mindless fanatics. 
The more armoured regegades had tried firing missiles on the over-sized mechanical monster, but only managed to blow away the odd armour plate, loosely falling off only to reveal even more plating. Some had even detonated before striking, the mega-dread having some form of energy field. Unless support came soon, the beast would continue its rampage.

Something large and blue smashed through the wall to the right of the scene. The mega-dread disregarded the remains of the cultists, opening fire on the newcomer. Every shot bounced off the ancient hull, and as it cleared the smoking ruins, a large glow began to form at the end of one of this arms, discharging a large heat-beam directly at the dreadnought. The crude energy field struggled to stop it, and the generator powering it overloaded and exploded, taking with it one of the rotary cannons slung underneath the main arms and one of its killer claw arms was ripped from the body in a cloud of smoke and sparks. The blue machine bellowed: “I am Akun Shai, and you will die by Tzeentch’s will”.

The Contemptor dreadnought ran forward, far more nimbly than its ordinary, more insane, counterparts in Chaos. Akun fired micro-warheads from a back mounted launcher, doing little damage, but distracting the hulking scrap-heap. The mega-dread tried firing its own, larger rockets, but most corkscrewed off target, some exploded on the hull of Akun, doing little if any damage. 

Akun’s second arm ended in an enlarged claw, much like a space marine’s lightning claws, with a smaller energy weapon embedded into the palm. It fired, sending small rapid blasts of burning plasma flying. The super-heated shots melted pistons and cables to the dread’s crusher claw, seizing it shut. Before letting the Mega-dread react, Akun slammed into the much larger machine, smashing off loose plates with the impact, and caving in a small brick hut. The Ork contraption has no chance of getting back up. It was still very heavy, and its limited jerky movements would mean it would struggle to rise. The Contemptor levelled its Multi-Melta at the grinning face-like structure that was presumably the machine’s cockpit, and let loose. Akun smirked with what little remained of his face from inside his adamantium tomb. 

The Contemptor’s refurbishment is now complete, and now has a name, Akun Shai. As you will notice, its armament has changed from power fist, plasma blaster and conversion beamer to power fist, plasma blaster, multi-melta and havoc launcher.

The main difference is the banding around the shoulders and legs. Before this was painted on, but now it has been replaced with plasticard banding. Very thin strips were used on the knees. Brass etch stars was added to the chest and one of the legs. The model has also received a nice Micro-arts base, purchased from Putrid Painting.

The launcher was fun to do, and a stroke of genius. It is based on an upturned jump pack, from the Maxmini range. Circles were added to the now-front to serve as launch tubes.

Paint-wise, there was a lot of empty space on the model, which is great for whose like me who love painting freehand. I used the opportunity to paint a ton of scripture, symbols and icons across the legs, shoulders and torso. I also added a few runes to the power fist to guide its strikes in battle. 

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