Saturday, 13 July 2013

The Fellblade Project: Part Seven (Dropping it into Gear)

Majos Forrox was panicing, or more precisely experiencing electrical-neural impulses simulating panic. He had failed to start the engine of the monster that was being created in the Thousand Sons workshop. IT was normal for a machine spirit (even a debased one) to resist coupling with a new component, more so if an entirely new engine was added. Even so, he did not know how Warpsmith Khotep in charge would react, if he would punish Forrox. 

He pressed on the ignition buttons and pulled the starter handle. The engine coughed to life, but then died seconds later. Forrox swore in the machine-tongue. His hands were sweating profusely, fearing the inevitable torture should the Fellblade fail to start a third time. He could feel Khotep behind him, bolt pistol in hand. The heavy-caliber pistol was pressed against the metal back of his skull, making a dull ringing sound. 

On the third go, the engine spluttered, then roared into power. Forrox sighed slightly, but the bolt pistol did not budge. He didn't expect it to. Sending coded commands to the mutated hard-wired servitors within the super-heavy tank, he ordered a slow reverse move. Ancient heavy tracks squealed as they moved, the components having being still for thousands of years. The loudly squeaking tank slowly rolled out of the cavernous workshop and out into the desert sands for the first time in millennia, only in a far more dangerous form. Forrox swore he could hear cackling amongst the engine notes. 

The Fellblade has been progressing nicely and I have much to share today.

The engine compartment is now pretty much complete. As you know from last time, the main focus of the engine was the plasma generator and huge exhaust stacks, but even with these they looked empty and incomplete. To resolve this, a small box structure was added underneath the plasma section to help close it off. I've also added a ton of cabling, made by rolling Greenstuff into a thin wire, and rolling it over a finely toothed comb. After curing, the cables were cut and bent into shape, so they fit suitably. Other details, such as hooks and brass etch, were also added.

The top of the engine has had vents added, from the Predator kit and some turbines left over from a Raptor squad.

I've also figured out how best to attach the fuel drums. I've extended the rear of the track units to look more like the official model. The back was closed off to cover the missing track links, and the drums were added flat to the sloping panel. More Greenstuff cables were used to connect it to the tank.

As well as the power and armour, I've added another of the weapons, a twin linked heavy bolter. They are spare from the Contemptor (originally from a Deimos Predator). An armoured cover was also added, inspired by the original model.

Finally for today, the turret has had major work done too. The main sculpting work in complete, and all that is needed sculpting-wise is to tidy it up, even it out and smooth it with sand-paper. I have also added the second cupola, so now I need to work on a crewman to man it.

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