Tuesday, 23 July 2013

WIP: Chaos Spartan Kit bash Part Three: All About the Details

Piece by piece, this beast of a tank is coming together nicely.

This past week, my focus has been on the engine and roof, the two other key structural and design sections (as well as the prow).

The engine is one of my favourite parts. I've gone a different path to the official Spartan, and have made an enhanced version of the standard Land Raider engine. I was lucky in that I had two additional exhausts left-over from an old Ork conversion that fit the bill. Now I have this six-exhausted monster block to power my tank to the front lines.

The damage found on the extra parts was covered up with plasticard, and the whole engine has had some trim added. A leering Daemon face is featured in the centre. I still need to add more rivets and triangles to the trim to finish it off.

On the roof, I've added an extra level, where the cupola will be going. The one shown is just a place-holder for a more interesting (and probably manned) piece. A few details have been added, notably an imperial comms unit and some optics. I've also started adding a few rivets in and around the hull-mounted gun.

With a few more details (mainly on the assault ramp) I'll soon be moving onto the side armour plating and then the track units.

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