Tuesday, 27 August 2013

Showcase: Bolt Action German Army (650 pts)

A world first, I have fully completed an army! Well, for now, but for the time being my Bolt Action force is fully painted and based.

A factor in the speed of painting it is probably the nice simple paint scheme. It has been a very pleasant change and experience from painting tons of blue.

For those interested, my 650 points list for this first force is as follows:

Second Lieutenant (veteran)
2x veterans
heer infantry squad
5x extra riflemen
heer infantry squad
5x extra riflemen
Sniper team (veteran)
flammpanzer B2 (f) (Regular)

I hope to have my first game soon. At the moment I have no real tactical plans, as I have no idea how the army will work. 
I have a feeling though that with an abundance of LMGs, and a flame tank, this army will be fairly anti-infantry. The B2's medium anti-tank gun gives me some anti-armour ability, but I feel that I could certainly do with more than one gun.  I am considering buying a Pak 40, a mortar team or a fallschirmj√§ger/pioneer squad and give them grenades. Until then, enjoy the pictures, and keep an eye out for further updates.

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