Saturday, 3 August 2013

The Fellblade Project: Part Eight (Details Matter)

Omhoden raised an eyebrow underneath his helmet at the rusting monster squeaking out into the sunlight. The damage hadn't been apparent in the dark confines of the space-hulk, but in the light of Xia-three-six-six's three suns, it truly was in a state. Whilst the hell-fire reactor that his more tech-savvy brother has been working on was a piece of shimmering beauty, it juxtaposed strongly with the oxidised metal and flaking yellow paint. Chunks of rust and paint fell off during it's brief motion. It's turret had been striped of it's main cannons, far to worn to be used with any predictability or safety. Imperial insignias has been ground away, and were gleaming silver patches amongst the horribly worn exterior. The symbol of the Imperial Fists was caked in blood; part defilement, partly some poor slave's unlucky day.

"It looks a sorry sight", Omhoden finally said, his voice distorted by his golden helm.

"Ostentation is secondary to function brother", Ozhmund replied. "It functions very well mechanically. Once the armaments are applied, then we can think about slapping some paint on it"

Omhoden shrugged sarcastically , "I was only saying. I'll leave you to your work then". The sorcerer left, tapping the battle-tank with his deactivated power-fist. A small sheet of metal fell off the side of the tank, and Ozhmund sighed. 

Some small progress to share today guys! I've been working on solving some of the minor detailing problems and I've built the damn gun mantlet, something that was essential if I wanted to stick some guns on this monster.

One issue I had was a small gap between the fuel barrels' panel and the hull. I was planning to cover it up, but I would still have the problem of gaps and cut lines. So instead, I've made it into an additonal access area for fuel. I added some plasticard circles to represent plug-in ports, and did the same on the fuel barrels, making sure that they were set evenly. Snake cabling was added to join them up.

The next major thing was trim around the turret. having bought more strips, I've finished off the edging, and have edged around the mantlet.

the mantlet itself was a pain to build, since the opening hadn't been sculpted perfectly straight. Fortunately only the outer shape mattered, and this was done by glueing thin plasticard to some thicker curved pieces, to give it a gently curved shape. The small box on top of the mantlet will house the sensor arrays.

Next time I share updates, I should hopefully have started working on the main cannon, the Accelerator Cannon.

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