Saturday, 24 August 2013

The Fellblade Project: Part nine (Boom Boom Baby!)

The horribly mutated overseers had rounder up over a hundred slaves in the middle of the otherwise lifeless desert. The former governor Drogin did not now why. He had no idea what day it even was; his time as a slave under the Thousand Sons felt like an eternity.

Something rolled out from behind a large sand dune. It was truly immense, towering even over the Chaos Space Marines walking beside the enormous battle tank. Drogin blinked the sand from his weary eyes; the tank looked like some massive malformed Baneblade. A relic of a forgotten age, or a twisted daemon engine. Either way, the mere sight of it made him gag and swallow back stomach acid.

The massive tank lowered it's twin barrelled gun at the gathered slaves. None tried to run, even as the overseers stepped back at least fifty metres. All were paralysed by the sight of the machine. People wept and huddled together. Drogin wiped a tear, only to see that it was staining his tattered regal cloak red. Everyone was crying blood, in utter silence. Drogin was sure he heard perverse laughter before the twin shells of the tank flashed from the wide-bore barrels, disintegrating all one-hundred of the captive imperials in an instant.

Significant progress has been made this last week, and the tank is now a proud owner of a custom-made Accelerator Cannon.

The main gun has been a major hassle, both in getting it even and getting it level. The barrels are joined together by a pair of braces, make from short plastic tube cuttings and plasticard sheeting. The muzzle-brakes are styled based on the original, and were done by lightly going over the tube with a saw. Once the basic shape was complete, the barrels, braces and mount were covered in plenty of rivets, cut from plastic rods.

As well as the main gun, I've added a few sensors and lenses, made from plastic rods, strips and greenstuff. The lenses above the cannon are a random piece from the Dreadknight kit.

Another important thing I've achieved is covering up the large gaps at the front of the track units. These were boxed off, and the gaps were smoothed out with liquid greenstuff.

The last thing I've done recently was to finish riveting one side, and working the other. only the back left corner and the front plates need rivets, then it's just the trim and details. Once that is done, I'll get on with the next major item, the lascannon batteries.

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