Saturday, 31 August 2013

The Fellblade Project: Part Ten (Essential Essentials)

Forox gurgled in corrupt scrap-code, hunched up in the confines of the Fellblade. His mind since his forced service has been changed, corrupted beyond what is was before. What was once a somewhat noble mechanicum priest was now a cackling mess, long since lost to the temptations of chaos.

+44-ss/ Yes, yes! I see. Dy' yanith wishes to be soothed, yes yes! 44-0008......008 sooth Dy' yanith I shall+

Forox glided a silver hand across the central console, which steamed as Forox ran his hand over. He placed his hands around the gear levers, but was forced to move them after they began to melt. He hissed in pain; his corruption has since meant he could truly feel and experience pain in his mechanical limbs. His metal hand glowed and dimmed as it cooled down, slightly misshapen after the damage. He clutched his now injured hand.

+No no! I am not worthy yet am I master? No no stupid Forrox! Error 3030-zzh4d. I am sorry master, I only with to serve such a god-like machine. Master?+

Forrox returned to his duties with sadness as his connection to the daemon engine severed, trailing off with blurts of machine code. 

The Fellblade is coming along very well. So well in fact that I could have the build potion of this project done within a week or so.

My attention has mainly been focused on creating the Lascannon batteries. They are pretty much entirely made from plasticard tubes and sheets. The unit was topped off with a sensor unit from a Land Raider's lascannons. A second unit is in the works, and only needs to be connected together and detailed. Mm plan is to paint them before attaching them to the tank.

Some of you may recognise the commander of this super-heavy. It was formerly the sorcerer on top of my Disc of Tzeentch, legs cut off above the knee so it would fit into the cupola. On the subject of discs, I make give it to my power-fist sorcerer. The head is a spare Ahriman head I had lying around, with the bottom set of horns removed so I could fit it  into the head-slot and last the gorget. A piece of wire was added in place of the back-pack, in a similar style to normal Space Marine tank crew.

Alongside the main upgrades, I've been adding little details here and there. I've added spikes along the trim edges, and a brass-etch chaos star to the side of the turret. A small viewing port has been added underneath the heavy bolters.

Next time I update, I should (should) be just about to start painting this tank.


  1. Very impressive work so far. At first I was skeptical about the dome turret, but it worked out nice. The way you crafted the lascannon sponsons is impressive. Especially considering it's made of plasticard and tubes and the lot.
    Keep up the good work!

  2. Hey man. Any chance you can fix the pictures? I'd love to see this project!

    1. Hi Chris. Glad you like the project. I will try to fix the pics, but I've found that about 70% of all my image links since I started the blog in 2011 have broken, so I have a lot of work to do. Until then check out the Facebook page, all the images are still up on there :)