Tuesday, 13 August 2013

WIP: Decimator Daemon Engine of Tzeentch

I'm back guys, from a nice (if too short) holiday. I did spend a fair penny, and I have a number of new projects that I'm sure I'll let you know about in the coming weeks. This week I have a work placement, so postings maybe a bit more patchy compared to the norm. However, I do have something for you today.

This is the start I've made on a Decimator Daemon engine, one of Forgeworld's many interesting vehicles. This one however is not the FW model; it is based on the plastic Games Workshop Dreadknight. It's a cheaper alternative, and a fun little challenge to try and make it look convincing. It has the right size, but that is only part of it.

Before starting, I knew that I had no intentions of using the 'baby-carrier'. Instead, I plan to sculpt a helmet and chest to go in the empty cavity. to fit in with the official model, I will be adding the enormous shoulder pads.

The main thing you'll notice is the new base. I felt obliged to use the same sized base as an official Decimator (60mm). Fortunately the Dreadknight fits. All I needed to do was bring the legs a bit closer together.

The arms on this model have been magnetised at the elbow. This is to allow me to use all the weapon options, when I get around to building them.

At the moment I am working on the Siege Claws. They will be styled like the official models', and are based on the Dreadknight's doomfists.

I've also started a small amount of sculpting work to the model. I plan to add patched areas of musculature, growing over the existing machinery of the dreadknight.

As well as the flesh, I've 'chaosified' one of the kneecaps, by sculpting a snarling daemon's mouth in the centre. I am very happy with how it turned out, and I'll either repeat it on the other side, or try a full face.

The next task for me is to add the lower leg armour, once the sculpting work on done on those panels.


  1. Hey, I found your blog the other day, and I gotta say you have some nicely done models. I love 1k sons and will eventually get around to building an army of just them. Anyway... I saw your mutilators(they look nice)and I was wondering how they have done in combat? I assume you give them the mark of Tz. Have they fought against thunder hammer/storm shield termies? What advantages do you see the mark of Tz giving them over the mark of nurgle?(If just for fluff purposes thats fine)
    Have a nice day!

    1. I've found that they're a very handy unit once they get unto combat....rip apart anything in a 3+ save or worse with ease, and can take down vehicles and terminators just as easily, although they may not survive retaliatory power fist attacks. Even if they don't kill, they make a great bodyguard with 2 wounds and a 2+ save. I find that they do need a transport (land raider or Spartan/storm eagle if you use FW books) otherwise they are too slow. Never tried deep striking. If you cant transport them, you could stick a shooty character like a sorcerer in the unit

      I choose MoT for two reasons; first is fluff, and second is the higher invun, far more handy against power fists, plasma and melta weapons than the toughness boost :) More likely to survive a demolisher cannon, force weapon or dreadnought :) Although having said that, nurgle ones would be immune to instand death from str8 and 9.