Tuesday, 20 August 2013

WIP: Decimator Daemon Engine of Tzeentch (Part Two)

I have more progress to report on the daemon engine this week.

The main body has had a little bit of work done to it. I decided to remove a bit of the daemon-flesh, as I'm feeling that I'd prefer a more mechanical appearance. That, and I'll probably make a better attempt at it.

I've added a ton of chain to the engine area. This is based on the official model, and is done to give the impression of a bound daemon inside this thing.

The claws have been proving a pain. I hoped that the claws would be able to fit all the way around with ease, but the odd shape of the gauntlets has meant that I need to sculpt more of the hand. I'm using the fists from the kit as a skeleton to continue making the curved shape around the part. I'll finish off by flattening the centre and adding some sort of flamer nozzle.

The main work I've been doing is on a new pair of weapon options: Storm Lasers. These will be followed by the other options (Butcher Cannons, a Soul Burner and a Heavy Conversion Beamer). They are based on the Forge World Design, and have been made using brass and aluminium pipe, plasticard tubes, and cut down gun-mounts from the Dreadknight kit.They still need a bit of work on the undersides, but for the most part they are complete and ready to melt some Space Marines.

My next task is to finish working on the chest plate, then move onto sculpting a Thousand Sons/Iron Armour styled head. Once that is done, I can start working on the enormous shoulders. Once they're done, this thing will start to look more like the Decimator we all know.

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