Thursday, 1 August 2013

WIP: German Heer Infantry Squad and Sniper Team

Although this army is small at the moment, it's really coming together now the majority of it has some paint on it now.

Today I'm sharing some progress on my infantry and sniper teams. I really like the simplicity of painting these models. I don't need to do extensive techniques such as freehand or OSL, but the details are plentiful and keep me busy picking them out. I also have a much smaller palette, which means I am painting these a lot faster.

The sniper team was also made from the plastic Blitzkrieg box; truly a box of many abilities. All I did was use the scoped Kar 98 rifles (or the scope from one on a normal rifle), and added some extra packs, binoculars and so on. I don't think they'll need to be painted any differently to the normal troops, but we'll see.

After all my infantry is complete, I will probably invest in some more infantry (either veterans or pioneers) and an anti-tank gun or armoured car. I'm very tempted to get the pioneers,  they use than same great plastic kit (blitzkrieg) with some fun new additions such as flame-throwers and Goliath remote bombs.

 I've also researched my tank's colour scheme, and it is used up until 1943. This means that if I want to remain historical, I can use anything up until the mid-war period, which suits me well. Although I like the free-reign of the generic list, I feel obliged to follow history.

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