Saturday, 7 September 2013

The Fellblade Project: Part Eleven (Lick of Paint)

Battle sergeant Casias looked through the magnoculars, his recon squad hunkered down amongst the cliff's rocks. The Raven Guard Sergeant  saw something massive moving across the open plains, and zoomed in on the enormous dust cloud. He couldn't quite see what it was, but whatever it was, it stopped. The dust-cloud kept on going, over the top of the boxy shape, and kept going, slowly revealing a deadly threat. Casias' eye's widened as he realised what it was.

The tank remained still, it's glistening blue and gold hull and heretical icons signalled it as a renegade battle-tank, but far larger than anything encountered by Casias. Even at the distance it was, he could tell it was truly immense. A Fellblade. He had only once seen such a tank, but it was a long-dead machine, hidden in the confines of the battle-barge Emperor's Grace, awaiting serious repairs. But seeing on the the field was something else, and seeing on in the hands of the great betrayers made him sick. 

Suddenly he saw movement. The large domed turret began traversing, in their direction. "Get back, now!", He yelled to his squad over the vox. The five marines began running back down the rocky cliff-face, hearing a large twin boom in the distance, and the whistling on incoming shells. 

With the build finally complete, I've been spending this week working on the paint scheme. The tank was primed in Army Painter's Ultramarine Blue and Matt Black to start with.

The engine area has been treated with extra attention. The gold was done with Vallejo's Liquid Gold range, using Old Gold, followed by a wash of Reikland Fleshshade. I decided to go for a red colour theme for the Hellfire Reactor. It's in the early stages at the moment, but it will look similar to the Plasma Cannons on the Forgefiend I painted a while ago.

The guns all follow a unified paint scheme. They all all painted an a worn-metal look, with brass coloured tips. I've also added plenty of Black pigment to the very tips to show discolouration from excessive heat.

With such a big tank, there is plenty of space for freehand work. I've started several, but the closest one to completion is this icon of Tzeentch. Over the top of the moon is a grey icon of chaos, with a green cat-like eye in the centre. Once these larger yellow icons are complete, I'll do what I have been doing on all my vehicles lately, and add small white scripture along, inside and around the symbols. This tank will be practically covered when I'm done.

The tank commander is pretty much complete. Painted in the same colours as the rest of my army, with a large gold helmet to signal his rank. The cable connecting him to the tank has been painted Codex Grey.

My main focus for the following week will be getting the freehand complete. Then, once that is done, I will be thinking about permanently attaching the lascannons, once the las-coils have been completed.

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