Tuesday, 24 September 2013

WIP: Decimator Daemon engine (building stage)

I seem to be on a roll this week. With the Legion Fellblade completed, I've now got more time to dedicate to my other projects. And today. I'm showing off my Decimator, which is now almost complete, in terms of building.

The head and shoulders have been areas of much-needed work. The shoulder pads have been completed, and have had trim and other details added. Since one side had the bony protrusions, the other side looked a little too bare. A cross of chains fixed that. I may add more to the daemon engine, such as hanging skulls and helmets, but we shall see.

Sculpting a head was always going to be a pain; I'm a far better scratch-builder than a sculptor. However it seems to have paid off. To help connect and detail it, I've added feeder pipes/connection tubes to the head, using brass snake cable from Gale Force Nine, and some small plasticard circles to act as plugs.

When it comes to the painting, I have a plan. the armour plates that are not glued on at the moment (shoulders, legs and knees) will be sprayed blue. The rest will get a black primer, to speed up the process and to have a better finish.

I'm tempted to paint all the gold trim using the Liquid Gold paint that I have. I see this as an ancient daemon engine, so the Old Gold shade I have sounds perfect for the job. I will probably enter this into WGC's October painting threat, so keep an eye out for my posts.

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  1. Simply amazing! Between this and the Chaos trim tutorial, I am adding you to the DFG blogrolls!