Thursday, 12 September 2013

WIP: Thousand Sons Aspiring Sorcerer (And Bonus Warpsmith)

To have a break from constantly working on the Fellblade, I've been making a few random models from my leftover spares. One such model is this, a new sorcerer. This model will be leading a unit of Thousand Sons in MKIII power armour, which are hopefully on their way from Forge World’s fortress.

The sorcerer is based on the Dark Vengeance Lord Kranon. Because I used the sword in another conversion, I had to find an alternative sword and arm. I used a spare sword and arm from the forsaken kit, with the arm cut above the elbow. I cut Kranon’s arm stub flat so that the arm could be glued on easily with no sculpting.

I wanted to make it look like the model was casting a power, preferably a fiery one. I ended up cutting off the plasma pistol and hand, replacing it with a flaming chain piece from a Forge World K,daii. This part will be painted like conventional fire and silver chains. I’m also considering adding plenty of OSL.

Another model I’ve started is this Warpsmith, for another chaos marine army. The base model is an old techmarine with an auspex. The harness is a metal Servo arm from the current Techmarine, with a custom gun make from a Psylencer and a gargoyle head, attached to Huron Black heart’s power pack. 

The axe is made from an axe-head from the Forsaken kit, and a piece of brass rod. The chain-link cloth at the front is also from the Forsaken kit. This guy will be a supportive HQ for an army completely different from the Thousand Sons, but still chaotic. Some of you may know which army it is for, but for the rest of you, it’s a secret.

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