Saturday, 12 October 2013

Fun with Forge World (1000 points)

Last lime I discussed Forge World units, I was talking about how even at the low level of 500 points, you can enjoy playing with these unique units. Today, I'm talking about their inclusion at the 1000 points level. At this level, you can afford to use bigger, deadlier units, but not the big boys (unless you sacrifice a big chunk of your points. I’ll be sticking to the more affordable units...sub 250 points. Again, the focus is on chaos/marine units.

Let’s start by visiting our old friend, the Relic Predator. With a Bigger points allowance, we can comfortably afford the more expensive options, namely the executioner plasma cannon, the magma melta and the heavy conversion beamer. We all know from the leman russ executioner that its main plasma weapon is incredibly deadly. Now marine forces, both good and bad, have access to its potency. Coupled with the cheap predator platform, this creates a very cost effective unit. It’s not as tough as its Imperial guard counterpart, but it can dish out much more accurate firepower.

The magma melta is the answer to multi wound terminators and heavy tanks. With melta stats and a large blast, this has the potential to wipe out any heavy armour. It can be closely compared to the imperial Devildog. It is slower and shorter ranged, but the better armour and larger blast can counter its shortcomings.

Now, the heavy conversion beamer. It has the potential for massive damage, only if you keep it far back. Also, it cannot move and shoot, so be sure to deploy well the make the most of it. However, with good positioning, it makes a great artillery piece.

From tanks to walkers, here comes the Contemptor dreadnought. I've discussed this unit before, so to save repetition I’ll keep it brief. The Contemptor, whilst pricey, can dish out the hurt both at range and in a swirling melee. Take advantage of its superior armour, invulnerable saves, and unique weapons options (namely Kheres assault cannons for imperials, and butcher cannons for chaos.

Plague Hulks are prefect to use if you enjoy making friends by vomiting on them. It is both a Chaos Space Marine (if you have Plague Marines) and a Chaos Daemons unit .When compared to the Defiler, it has better armour and is 45 points cheaper (without options). What it lacks is ranged options, and its rot cannon is a weaker version of the Battle Cannon (though it has rending). The Warpsword is a very nice option, essentially a master-crafted power weapon for a walker. A very fun and thematic unit for any Nurgle force.

To finish off, it’s worth quickly going back over the Plague Drone and Blood Slaughterer. They are available as squads up to three big, so that is another potential option. If you like how those units play, bigger units can only mean more fun.  

To close the series, I'll be discussing the biggest units to use, aimed mainly at the 1500-2500 points bracket. Hope you enjoyed today's offering. 

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