Tuesday, 1 October 2013

Review: Puppets War Sorcerer Shoulder Pads

Bits for "28mm super-soldiers" seems to be a big money maker. You can't go to any major 3rd party bits producer without seeing some form of acessory that can fit the ever popular armies of the sci-fi world. Today, I'm covering one of Puppets War's varieties, the sorcerer pad. Seeing as I play Thousand Sons, this pattern was the most relevant to me.

Price wise, these are priced very competitively. For the sum of £4.79 (excluding postage) you get ten identical resin pads. Pads from Kromlech usually retail for around £5, and Forge World's can be in the region of £9. This places Puppets War's pads at the bargain end of the scale, but don't think that means low quality. 
Left to right: Puppets War 'Sorcerer', Forge World 'MKIII',
 GW plastic Chaos pad, Kromlech 'Stygian'

The details on this kit are stunning. When compared to other pads (above) they appear much sharper, the edging is thinner and crisper, and the details can be made really small. I prefer this to the chunkier styles offered by other companies.

The pads fit onto model pretty easily. Here is an example pad on a Forge World Space Marine. The pads are of a similar size, and fit just as well as any other pad should. It's quality also helps it blend in to the highly detailed Forge World model.

Quality however is where the pads loose a few marks, as it is a bit of a mixed-bag. In terms of air-bubbles and defects, there are none. However, a number of pads were damaged, probably during transit, and a few were damaged simply removing them off the sprue, just because the resin on the trim is very brittle and thin. Whilst this does make for great detailing, thin resin is precarious to work with. Fortunately, it seems Puppets War has a habit of giving you extra. They had packed in a few extra pads, which more than covered the damaged pads.

So in conclusion, Puppets War pads are a fantastic addition to any Space Marine (or other sci-fi super soldier) army. I advice extreme caution when working with the thinner parts, but with due care, you should have no problem. Here are my main points:


  • very well priced
  • great details
  • zero defects
  • incredibly delicate

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