Saturday, 26 October 2013

Showcase: Thousand Sons In MKIII Power Armour

My MKIIIs are now complete and ready for showing off. I have to say, the MKIII armour is a beauty to work with. I suspect I'll be getting more of this pattern in the future, perhaps with some MKIV.

The armour has a lot of trim and rivets to pick out. I painted all the trim and rivets in gold, to make it stand out some more. The large rivets at the bottom of the legs were painted like blackstone gems. A gloss varnish was added to give it a glass-like shine.

The icons on the shoulder pads have been freehanded. If these is a lot of interest from you guys, I'll set up a tutorial for you.

The unit sorcerer is perhaps one of my favourite models. I may end up using this as the HQ version as I think it has turned out well. The fiery chains are a great piece and creates a sense of motion and power. The flames were painted using the tutorial in the old 'Eavy Armour Masterclass book. I recommend this to anyone, if you can find it. The paint names are out of date, but it has a lot of handy tips.

1 comment:

  1. Great result, I like the way you paint, light and not gradation surreal.
    The shade is light, and gilding very well done.
    Very nice work and good continuation.