Thursday, 10 October 2013

Tutorial: Painting The Mark of Tzeentch

God of sorcery, deception and scheming, Tzeentch is the man with a plan. Today, I'm showing you a way of painting his icon of worship. For this you will need your choice of colours (I've gone with yellow) and a fine detail brush or better.

First off, paint a small circle and fill it in with your chosen colour.

Next, paint on two 'half-bananas' on both sides of the circle as shown. Make sure the inner lines follow the curve of the circle.

To add a bit of detail, paint a few flicks at the tips of the banana shapes. Once that is done, paint over in your main colour (or add another layer to get a solid colour)

Finish up with some highlighting and general tidying.

And there you go, now your armies of chaos can sweat allegiance to the lord of sorcery in style.

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