Tuesday, 29 October 2013

WIP: Chaos Spartan Kit Bash Part Four: Back to Work!

It has been some time since I've done any work to this tank. Uni, coursework, and of course new projects, meant this battle tank has, until now, been gathering dust. But not for long. For the past few days I've been incredibly motivated, and so here is my progress on this long-forgotten piece of heavy battle equipment. In the new rules, I cannot run this with a Reaper Autocannon, so for now it only has the Twin linked heavy flamer. I do plan to make it some heavy bolters. In-game, it will most likely run with Armoured Ceramite, Frag Launchers and a Dozer Blade, so I need to figure out how I'll represent them.

My main challenge for this tank was always going to be the wheels and treads. Longer than my old Proteus conversion, it needed more of both. Also, because the wheels and gaps in the track units were not the same size, a bit more work was needed to get them to fit. I've used a mix of wheels from an old WWII tank which was used for the original Spartan conversion (which I think will become a terrain piece), and wheels cannibalised from the never-used Proteus (may it rest in pieces). The front wheels are metal sewing machine bobbins.

I've also started work on a prototype track link. It is based on the style of the Fellblade tracks, but with added chaotic details. I'll need a few hundred of these perhaps, and there is no way I'm making them all like this. I plan to cast up the remaining tracks and speed up the process, and ensure they all look identical. I'll be getting some help with the initial start-up techniques.

As well as the track and wheels, the side armour is being cleaned up. I've begun to cover up the damaged areas with plasticard extra armour. this also gives me a smooth platform to add the laser batteries to.

Apart from that, little else has changed with the body. I've swapped out the front icon for something bigger, and I've been going over areas with the sand paper. Soon I hope to have all of the wheels attached, and finished building the central hull. Once that's done, it's onto completing the side armour and perhaps starting the laser batteries.

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