Saturday, 5 October 2013

WIP: Deimos Hybrid Vindicator

Resources in the Eye of Terror are known to be more limited than other areas of space. Whilst Daemonic forge worlds can spew out an endless array of daemon engines, not all bidders can pay the prices. Many legions and war bands rely on raids for supplies and war engines. Many which they own, after several thousand years of neglect, have fallen into various states of disrepair. In desperation, some vehicles are combined to produce a single functioning vehicle. Renegade Warpsmiths do not treat vehicles with the same level of sacred care that we do.

Take for example specimen 33-alpha-1/V. This Vindicator support gun was spotted on the planet Primos-Alpha-1. Tech adepts suggest it is, for the most part, a Lucius pattern Vindicator siege tank. However, one will notice extreme modification, likely to make it functional. The entire front glasis, gun mount and gun shield appear to have been cannibalized from an older Deimos pattern of siege gun. The armour around the mating points has been reinforced, likely to cover up weak zones from the transplant. A large dozer blade has been added to the front for terrain clearance. The rear engine bay appears to have been enlarged for a more powerful engine; the Deimos was noted to be a heavier variant. Be cautious. These engines are incredibly dangerous, and an affront to the machine god. Prioritise the destruction of these bastard hybrids. 

Innovation is sin. The Machine God guides all. Hail the Omnisiah.

Forge World appeared to be the star of the show at Gamesday UK this year. Not only did they produce epic displays, they also previewed and released a metric ton of new products. one of my personal favourites was the Deimos vindicator. Inspired by this awesome devastating-looking tank, I've created this Deimos/Lucius hybrid.

For the most part, this is still a standard lucius pattern Vindicator. The main change has been at the front. the entire front end has been removed and redesigned to look like the Deimos. The cannon is now central, and surrounded by a new gun shield.

I've gone with a slightly different design for the dozer blade, and have used a spiked blade that was leftover from my Armoured Proteus.

The one thing that annoyed me about the plastic kit was how the taller roof didn’t reach the end of the model. To fix this, I’ve extended the roof so that it fits flush with the back armour, and tidied up with some trim. I may add the raided engine cover, similar to the official model.

As a little bit of detail (and to explain how the crew sees past the enormous gun shield) I've added this sensor/camera apparatus. This was made from a gun part from the Dreadknight.

Once I’ve finished all the rivets, I’ll be adding the final details before getting it prepped for painting.

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