Tuesday, 8 October 2013

WIP: distractions (Relic Predator and Annilation barge)

It's a gamer thing. Getting distracted. We are all like magpies when it comes to new projects. Today, I'm sharing just two of my sidetrack projects (I'm meant to me working on the Decimator and MKIII's, but oh well).

First up is this Relic Predator for my Thousand Sons. I've decided to go with the Baal predator as the base-model. It's early stages, but it should have a more Deimos/classic chaos predator (square turret) feel to it once it's had more work done.

As you'll notice, I've sliced off the exhausts on both sides. I plan to convert the tank in a similar way to the Deimos Rhino I did before last Christmas. However, I will make adjustments for the sponsons.

Pretty much everything that can be magnetised will be magnetised. The main gun and ammo box on the turret have been, so I can swap out for the other interesting guns.

So far I've only done the Flamestorm Cannon and most of the Converstion Beamer (above). I think for the  big Plasma Cannon, I may find a way to merge two normal ones into a double-barrelled killer.

The sponsons are also magnetised. Although they'll only have Heavy Bolters, it gives me the option to run my tank without sponsons. for example, when using the Magma Melta or conversion beamer, I won't necessarily need the sponsons, so I can swap them for plain doors and save a few points.

The other project is this Annihilation Barge, the first true vehicle in my girlfriend's necron army. This was a joint-build effort. I helped her because this kit is an absolute pain in the nether-regions to put together.

It's got the twin linked Tesla Destructor for general...destructing,  and a Gauss Cannon for anti-armour. It will be interesting to see how one of these plays in-game.

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