Tuesday, 15 October 2013

Workin' With Themes: Iron Warriors Siege List

Themed lists are a fantastic way of showing your love for a particular faction, force or even a small rag-tag band of individuals from a story you read once. This is the beginning of a new series, Workin’ With Themes, where I take on a theme that I either come across or one you suggest in the comments section or on the Facebook page, and create a legal army list based on your fluffy idea.  Whilst they may not be the most powerful lists, that is not the aim. The aim is to create a cool themed list you will enjoy playing.

Our first list is one that is prominent anywhere where the Iron Warriors are involved in warfare: the siege list. The Iron Warriors are the undisputed masters of trench warfare and siege-craft. To fully represent this list, I’ll be delving into the use of allied forces, in the form of Codex: Imperial Guard. Here is my attempt at a 2000 points list.

Warpsmith-Murder Sword, Sigil of Corruption

ELITES-4 Terminators, power fist, combi plasma x2

10 chaos marines-lascannon, combi-plasmagun
10 chaos marines- meltagun x2,  combi-meltagun, rhino
30 cultists
10 chaos marines, flamers x2, mark of khorne, power fist, rhino

Land Raider

-Command squad-Plasma gun
-Techpreist-2 technical servitors

-10 veterans, autocannon

-3 Basilisks

Iron Warriors are known to be fond of vehicles, machines and mechanics. It would be unlawful to not run any sort of chaos techmarine equivalent. I’ve chosen a Warpsmith as the key HQ choice. The Warpsmith has great stats, and whilst not the toughest model available or the best for value, he does have some handy abilities, namely repairing vehicles and shatter defences. He has the Murder Sword (replacing the pistol) to help him take out any tougher heroes. The Aura is there to make him more survivable, should his 2+ save not be enough. This guy should dish out plenty of attacks, so we need him to survive..

The army takes on the key them of heavy-hitters and artillery. This is why I’ve included the three tank basilisk squad. The Basilisk is the perfect artillery piece; high strength, big blast and very long ranged. Feel free to swap it out for something like the Medusa or Colussus. I close the Basilisk because of its strength, versatility, and because of the new upcoming Legion pattern of the tank. The imperial guard infantry which accompany it can be modelled as slave overseers, or even Dark Mechanicum helpers. The Techpreist is there to keep the artillery up and running (since allies of convenience cannot repair each other’s tanks).

Many units have been given lascannons or meltaguns. As the ultimate fortification fighters, they need weapons capable of blasting bunkers and armour alike. The big unit of plain cultists makes an ideal slave unit. In Storm of Iron, slaves were thrown at the enemy before the marines, to waste the enemy’s ammo and provide cover. This unit aims to mimic that tactic. They should hopefully screen the other assault unit; the Khorne marines with flamers. A great little unit for tearing up infantry.

Iron Warriors are known for their daemon engines as much as their artillery batteries. The Maulerfiend is a big help for the assault unit, and is capable of taking on anything the infantry cannot handle; whether that’s a scary Deff-Dread or a bunker with soldiers inside, this beast can break them all wide open.
In terms of tactics this is fairly mixed. Keep the lascannon squad far back, along with all of the guard units. The command squad can boost the tank-hunting abilities of its plasma gun or the vet’s Autocannon (or provide other bonuses), whilst the artillery pounds the enemy from the furthest point, preferably behind cover.

The Terminators, Khorne marines, Maulerfiend and cultists should advance quickly. The Terminators should either deep-strike or jump in the land raider, ideally with the Warpsmith. Use the land raider as portable cover for the rhino if you wish. The Maulerfiend is great at traversing terrain, so use as much of it to your advantage. The cultists, well…like in the fluff, do not matter. Use them to screen other units and give them cover saves. Or if you like, use them as an enormous objective camper.

As usual, feel free to comment, especially if you have an idea for a future theme to tackle.

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