Tuesday, 19 November 2013

Showcase: Bolt Action Waffen SS

The next section of my new (ish) bolt action army is now complete: the elite Waffen SS. Here I have divided the SS into a nine man squad and a two man command team (I wanted to make use of all 11 models I received).

This squad was very different to paint than the regular grunts. Historically the SS had a different uniform pattern, one which was far more intricate. I went for a pea dot camo paint scheme, similar to a guide found on the old Bolt Action website.

 I had to adjust the colours slightly and mix up some custom ones, as I did not have all the colours needed. In either case I think I did alright. The main uniform green is a mix of Vallejo German camo dark green with a dab of GW goblin green. I used German camo dark brown and black for the patterning.

They did dry quite shiny, so they were finished off with a coat if matte varnish. Their basing is the same as the other squads, to tie them in with the rest if the force. Next up for the force is likely some more teams, and maybe transportation for the squads in the form of a couple of Hanomogs.

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