Tuesday, 26 November 2013

Showcase: Chaos Vindicator

'Guns of blue, yellow and fire, Come forth from Hell, warriors of a liar-
Sons a thousand, souls of hate. Governor of Primus, this is your fate...

-Prophecy of the seer Diadus Ormedes, Excecuted M39.888.12

My siege tank, the Deimos/Lucius pattern Vindicator is now complete.

I've gone for a heavily weathered and distressed look. Firstly, it gives off the image of a front-line bruiser (which is often it's role). Also, I imagine that the daemon possessing it refuses to let anyone near it to repair.

The weathering has mainly been done with AK products. The Sandy build-up is Africa Dust Effects, the rust is Rust Streaks, and the black dirt is Dark Streaking Grime. Considering it's my first time using these (barring the rust streaks), I think I've pulled off the right look.

Along with the heavy weathering, I've added a ton of symbols and scripture. For the legion symbols, I combined their pre-heresy icons with their present day ones. I've also painted an uncoiled serpent on one of the roof panels.

The lenses were treated like glass, and thus coated on a gloss varnish after painting.

As well as the lenses, this little detail was added: a leering daemonic eye.

So with another tank complete, I'll be moving to to...yet another tank. Either the Spartan or the Relic Predator.

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