Saturday, 30 November 2013

WIP: Possessed Relic Predator

Another old project of sorts today. I'm back to working on my Relic Predator with Flamestorm Cannon.

My attention has been mainly on the armour. Since the last time I worked on the tank I've added the other side plate, and have started working on the surrounding roof edge plating. I've also built the other gun sponson, though it still needs its magnets. I plan to make it appear more flush than my old Rhino conversion, so I will be sanding parts and fulling gaps with greenstuff. The Exhausts are from the Baneblade kit, with the tips rotated 90 degrees facing backwards. These help create the 'Deimos look'.

I've also added a few more daemonic pieces to the tank. Out of the hatch sprouts these eye stalks, taken from the Forsaken kit. The hatch has been attacked with a hobby knife to simulate damage.

Next up on the list is to finish the armour, ready for some trim. Then I will be adding a ton of chaotic bits, and possibly more daemon parts.

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