Saturday, 16 November 2013

WIP: Raptor Icon Bearer and Spartan Tracks

The Raptor squad is slowly recruiting new members. First we had a new champion, which actually did quite a bit in it's first game (Plasma'd the butt off a dreadnought and killed a Necron Overlord on it's last wound...though it did get up again). Now, the unit has its own icon bearer.

As with the champion, this guy's been made from a ton of scrap parts and handy leftover junk, as listed below:

  • Legs: Anvil Industry robed legs (running)
  • Torso: Chaos Space Marine Torso
  • Left Arm: Chaos Sorcerer Bolt Pistol arm (sword and pistol variant)
  • Right Arm: Chaos Space Marine pistol arm, Warrior of Chaos banner pole, Chaos space Marine icon of Tzeentch, Puppets War Sorcerer shoulder pad
  • Jump Pack: Maxmini Iron Pattern jump pack
  • Head: Thousand Sons head

The running legs help to create an "in motion" pose, and the icon bearer is ready to share the blessings of Tzeentch. In case blessings aren't sufficient, I'm sure a stab with the banner will cause some damage.

As well as this guy, I've almost finished my track prototypes. I've made seven links in total: a set of four, a pair, and a single track. Doing it this way gives me the freedom to track any tank in decent time, without having to spend a lifetime gluing separate links together (though I still have the option to).

Here's how they look loosely tacked to the front wheels. Although this is only a small section, I'm sure you can picture how the whole tank will look. If it works out well, I may use these on other future tanks. I will need to make smaller ones for rhino-based vehicles, but in time I can see to it. All I need to do is finish riveting them up and adding greenstuff, then these bad boys are ready to cast up. 

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