Saturday, 2 November 2013

WIP: Super Land Raiders, Siege Claws and Flying Birds

Today I'm reporting a little bit of everything. I've been working on trying to get back to my old projects; and adding some to other, newer ones. You seen my Spartan before, and I have a bit more work to share.

I've armoured up one side of the Spartan. I had to do this in several bits, so I could get the hole for the doors the right shape and size, and in the right place. I don't have any at the moment, but I may get some Forge World doors to make it a little bit flashy.

I've also decided how I'll represent the dozer blade and frag launchers. This mine plough was used on my original Proteus. Since it no longer exists, this plough has no current use. I tried it on the Vindicator, but it was a little bit out of scale. On the Spartan however it looks quite good. Because it is low, the assault ramp could, in theory, still open. Also, the flare launchers on the plough arms would make good looking frag/shrapnel launcher tubes.

Alongside that, I've been building some Siege Claws for the Decimator. They were the original weapon arms, but I got a bit distracted and the Storm Lasers got finished first. They are based on the Dreadknight's doomfists, with added greenstuff. The blades are plasticard. I've added fuel tanks to the sides of the fists to fuel the in-built heavy flamers. To finish them off I plan to add some thin trim, and add the flamer nozzles.

To finish off today's effort, here is a little secret update for you. This is the start of the head for a new (well, old) flyer I'm building, a 40k scaled up-to-date Doomwing of Tzeentch, which will be run as a Heldrake. This is the start of the head. The bottom jaw of the bird-like head is complete. It was formed around a pair of Heavy Flamers from the Baal Predator kit, and will count-as the flyer's Baleflamer.

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